From the fabled nation of ninja princesses, geisha angels and the land of the rising sun come the mysterious Kokeshi Kuties.

Kokeshi Kuties are 10k hand-drawn NFTs, all unique, randomly generated and minted to the Ethereum Network. Follow on Discord and Twitter for launch date, giveaways and much more!

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unique NFT

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unique NFT

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unique NFT


Sin Art is a hand-painted NFT art gallery that will encompass many different collections of programmatically generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Our aim is to create a space where the uniqueness of an artist’s hand meets the lucky draw of fate, and a new and exciting piece of artwork is born.

Word from the Artist.
I believe that creativity is an energy from the world of ideas that spreads from the depth of the soul. It adapts and materializes… My work is spontaneous, often starting without deeper reflection or a clear vision of the result.

On the computer, I draw various lines with a tablet pencil: I see, highlight or paint something, I color it, I flip the picture on a side, then upside down… And that is how my characters are born. Some characters are sleepy; others are thoughtful or know more than they can say.

Ultimately, it is the mystical, destiny-sent signs and dreams that fascinate me. They are what inspire my art, bridging the gap between heart and hand.


All Kokeshi Kuties are unique, they are truly one-of-a-kind. Each NFT is algorithmically generated using a combination of different attributes. Look out for the ultra Ninja Kokeshi and the Kutie with the shiny golden hair.


team member (Trilaja)
Artist @Trilaja
team member (Katsugi)
Developer @Katsugi
team member (Kotta)
Community manager @Kotta
team member (Nushi)
Project_lead @Nushi



Twitter and Discord Giveaways.

Launch Kokeshi Kuties collection.

Be among the first 1000 to purchase 3 or 10 Kokeshi Kutie and make a chance to win an exclusive hand-drawn NFT! An airdrop will be done to 30 random lucky winners! We wish you luck!

Collaborate with other NFT projects.

Once the Kutie’s sell out, the team will purchase and airdrop some NFTs from well-known projects (Weird Whales, Chibi Dinos, Space Punks, etc) for Kokeshi holders.

Build the DOJO: NFT Farm.

Stake Kokeshis in the DOJO, after certain amount of time meditating a new NFT is minted.

Release SinArt token.

Token airdrop for the owners of ultra, super and rare Kokeshi NFTs.

Create and fund DAO to decide direction of the projects.

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